Mandiro Ordyniak - Training Direktor of Kinesiologieschule

Actual Activities

  • Kinesiology Practitioner (DGAK Level 3, Begleitende Kinesiologie DGAK, Supervisor und Prüfer der DGAK),
    Heilpraktiker and teacher

  • Since 1991 leading courses and trainings in different applied kinesiology - disciplines Induvidual sessions and coachings.

  • Since 1999 giving professional Trainings:
    "Kinesiological process coaching" / "Therapeutical kinesiology".
    in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden und im abroad (Italien, Brasilien).

  • He is engaged in the german Association of professional kinesiology practitioners (DGAK), in their project group professional training, as Supervisor, as contact person of the DGAK for Berlin & Brandenburg.

  • In individual sessions he combines different methods of human growth to "Kinesiologischen Prozessbegleitung".

Trainings / Biografie

  • Diplom in Computer Science (Dipl. Informatiker), work in different companies and projects in Software engeneering, consultant and trainer.

  • Studies of medicine (5 Jahre). Training in different aereas a.o. in Shiatsu, Acupunkture, Postural Integration (Master) / Rebalancing, NLP (Master)

  • Examen of Heilpraktiker (1983)

  • Since 1983 working in the field of natural healing (=Heilpraktiker) with focus in Body work (Posturale Integration, Shiatsu, NLP)..

  • Since 1988 applied kinesiology. In depth trainings in different disciplines as Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, etc. (IAK-Freiburg and other institutes). Important teachers where Kim da Silva, Alfred Schatz, Gordon Stokes & Daniel Whiteside, Andrew Verity, Paul Dennison, Dr. John Thie, Dr. Ferreri und Peter Erikson and others. Amount > 2000 h.

  • Teaching license for Touch for Health, Brain Gym / Edu -K, Three in One Concepts (Advanced Instructor), N.I.C.E. Level I & II, EDxTM.

Disciplines in Kinesiology

Additional Infos