Applied Kinesiology
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In the Trainings of Applied Kinesiology several disciplines have established who follow the work of one or a group of founders. The hereby offered trainings and courses have proven to be excellent paths to learn the techniques and spirits of applied kinesiology.

Since the beginning of Applied Kinesiology around 1960 by Dr. George Goodheart and his disciples and colleges like Dr. John Thie, Dr. Carl Ferreri a.o. many differentiation of kinesiology have appeared. Several disciplines are offered in our school as specilization.

Gruppenphoto TfH-Synthese Brasilien Group of student in the Touch for Health-Syntheses Group in Brazil

The "Classical Branches"

In Germany as "classic Branches" are often mentioned the following Disciplines, that are very useful for Beginners who want to explore the fascinating world of Kinesiology using the muscle test and special balancing procedures.
Each Branch has it's own Basic Course and of course follow ups.

  • Touch for Health - Kinesiology for Health

    A wonderful starting point into the world of Muscle testing that is used to adress the energy of the whole person, meaning Body-Mind-Spirit, including the Meridians. Your learn the 14 - 42 Muscle-Balance as a way to balance the whole person. This is the foundation for many other deepening courses and has proven very useful in practical working with people. It was intended that laymen help each other as friends and family-members. 'Touch for Health' has proven so effectiv that many professionals use it as coach or in healing professions. Deepening Course of Touch for Health is 'Working with Metapher' to explore the emotional aspects of meridian energies and imbalances. More ...

  • Brain Gym - Kinesiology for Learning (Edu-Kinestetik)

    In Brain Gym you learn to activate you energies by special movements. This helps a lot to turn on your Brain. Brain Gym is often used in the aerea of learning (children and adults, ADD, ADHS) and to coach yourself to reach your own goals in your business or private life. Edu-Kinestetik offers deepening courses like Vision Circles, the "Reflex-ABC" and "Movement Dynamics". Mehr ...

  • Psycho-logic Kinesiology - Three in One

    In the Psycho-Kinesiology we are adressing basic issues of the soul. We dissolve old blockages using 'Age Recession' to become free for one's own life-choices. This helps to build one's life according to the wishes and needs of one's own soul. Psycho-Kinesiologie is a broad discipline and is an important building block in our professional Kinesiology-Training. Mehr ...

Mittlerweile haben sich sehr viele spezielle Richtungen entwickelt, oft für spezielle Anwendungsgebiete oder zur Klärung spezieller Aspekte der Körper - Geist - Seele - Einheit. Die Kinesiologieschule bietet eine Auswahl hat, die sich in der Praxis durch die Umsetzbarkeit und Wirksamkeit bewährt hat.

Deepening Branches and Courses

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Learning can (and should) be fun AND enhances immune functions.

Disciplines in Kinesiology

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