Applied Kinesiology
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Our offer to English speaking people: Kinesiology Seminars, Trainings, Individual Sessions / Coachings

We offer
  • Individual Sessions in Berlin, in others places depending on presence / Courses.
  • Courses in other countries on request are held in English or German / with translation, depending on the participants.
  • Mainly you find seminars in Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Psycho-Kinesiology and deepening issuses.
  •  In this English part of our Website your will find descriptions mainly of that part of our activity that is happening in English Language or in other countries except germany.
    By holistic stress management in kinesiological coaching you come to your own strength and power, vision and selfregulation.


Basic kinesiology-courses without prerequisites 2024

Mandiro Ordyniak

Since over 20 years I am fascinated by the continuously news discovering, that professionel  Kinesiology-Practitioners are doing.
On this Website you can get Infos about actual offers of the Kinesiologieschule  - not all offers are listed in the English part. We offer

Introductory Lessons for Kinesiology in Berlin 2024

Fee 5 €, free for Clients / Course-Participants in 2023.
Language is German, you can ask english questions.
Translator may be available on request, please ask 2 weeks before.

If your are English speaking and need a private session in Berlin

Mandiro Ordyniak is speaking English fluently . So, if you are looking for private sessions, you are welcome.


Getting in contact with applied kinesiology in Berlin:

If you want to learn kinesiology and how you can profit with this method you can come to know us and have the chance to experience new aspects of yourself. For some people applied kinesiology is a way that helps them in a new way to clear their problems. There are several possibilities:

... In Individual sessions / Coachings with Mandiro Ordyniak your clear your own issues.

... or you learn effectiv and simple methods to reduce your stresslevel and enhance your own fitness in the next basic seminar: 

In the past you had already visited a Touch for Health or another seminar in kinesiology ...

... and you want to come into contact again with the material. Then you can repeat a course (50%) and learn how to integrate the opportunities of applied kinesiology in your dayly life. Our monthly evenings for practicing are supporting you

If you have questions or want more information to seminars, trainings and individual sessions, you are welcome to call ++41 (0) 30 - 791 1641.




German Association of Professional Kinesiology - Practitioner / DGAK.

Mandiro Ordyniak is active member, Supervisor and Contact-Person for Berlin / Brandenburg.

Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e.V.

The Kinesiologieschule has the quality - sign „Quality - Transparency - Integrity“  of the "Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung".

Disciplines in Kinesiology

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